Availability, Rental & Viewing

Why is a film ‘Not available’?

Like all online festivals we have geo-blocking restrictions. Due to distribution and sales agreement with our filmmakers and distributors, our films are only available on the Island of Ireland.

If you are outside Ireland or the UK, films will not be available to rent and will appear as ‘Not available’ with the exception of the Irish Shorts:Watchable World Wide Programme.

Please note that our short films are ‘not available’ to rent as a single title, only as part of a programme or a bundle. Please see the short film profile for the connected film programme or bundle.

Tickets/Rental Window: All films, programmes and bundles can be booked/rented from the time of the programme launch until Monday 19th October - unless they sell out.
Viewing Window: Films will only become available to View from the scheduled screening time/date. All Films within bundles will only become available at their individually scheduled time/date.

Once rented, all Films will remain available to view from your library until Midnight on Monday 19th October.*

* This excludes the Dublin Feminist Film Festival Titles which will expire 36 hours after the scheduled screening time.
Playback Window: Films will have a 36 hour playback window to finish the film once you have started viewing . Viewing devices (phone,table etc) will be monitored and capped at three.

How long are films available for?
All short films will be available to rent until Monday 19th midnight. Or until the film sells out. Each feature film has a specific rental window (rental windows are noted on each feature profile page), but once rented will remain available in your library until Monday Midnight.

Can I buy tickets in advance?
Yes, you can buy the tickets in advance.
The film will sit in your library and become watchable at the time and date stated on the film’s profile page or schedule.

I bought a film/bundle, how do I play it?
Once rented the film will sit in your Library. You can find your library in the drop down menu, under your name on the top right of the screen. You can click play once the film is available. Films will only become available at the time and date stated on their film page profile or schedule.

Once I hit play how long do I have to watch the film?
There is a 36 hour playback window. Once rented, your film, programme or bundle, will be available in your library until Monday 19th midnight but once you press play the timer will start, the Viewing Window begins, and you have 36 hours to watch (and complete) the film(s) as many times as you like.

How do I rent a short film?
The short films are grouped as programmes. You can not rent a single short on its own; you can only rent the short as part of a bundle or programmes. The available programmes for each short film will be listed and linked on the short film’s profile page. Once the programme is rented, all short films will sit in your library to watch in any order once available.

Can films sell out?
Yes. There is limited capacity/streams on each film.

Can I download the film onto my device?
No. An active internet connection is needed to stream the film.

How many films can I watch?
As many as you wish, we recommend checking out our ticket bundles for the best deals on tickets.

How do I use a promo code?
Click into the film you want to watch, click rent and in this rental pop up window you will see a small box for Promo Code, click this box and enter the promo code carefully.

I am outside of the island of Ireland. Can I watch the films?
Due to distribution T&C’s, films are only available in the ROI, Northern Ireland and/or UK.

How do I get the closed captions to play?
You start the film, at the bottom of the window you will see the play bar and at the bottom right corner you will see a button [cc], click this button for subtitles to start.

How do I remove the captions on a film?
Moonlight Sonata and Code Of the Freaks are OPEN CAPTION films, therefore the captions are not removable. On all other titles, as above, click the [cc] button to disable captions.

How do I get in contact with the filmmakers?
Filmmakers had the option to provide their social accounts. If they have not provided these details, please email, and your request will be forwarded to the filmmakers.

Account Related

How do I sign into my account?
At the top right on the screen you will see your account information, account sign in information and/or the create an account option.

How many devices can I sign into my account on?
Three. You can only pair three devices with your account. For a list of your devices, sign in and see ‘My Devices’ under your account name for more information.

Can I share my account details?
No, your account will need to remain private, we hold the right to block accounts where suspicious activity is noted.

How do I make a ‘watch list’?
Once signed in, click into the films, hit ‘add to my list’. Then you can see your list in its entirety in the drop down menu, at the top right corner of the screen.

Getting Help

Where can I find the Help page?
Our Help page is available here

I need more help urgently, what do I do?
If you are experiencing technical issues contact tech
For general queries contact info
Please understand that we are very busy at the moment but we will get back in contact with you ASAP..

I see a mistake in the film or festival copy, who should I notify?
The filmmakers have submitted this information themselves, so it is most likely that this is the information they wanted to present to the public. But mistakes do happen, so please email and we will look into the issues.

I have a complaint, how do I get in contact with the KIFF team?
Please feel free to get in touch with at any time. Please understand that we are very busy at the moment so it may take a few days for us to get back in touch with you.