Follow the Dead (2020)

  • Drama, Comedy, Dark Humor, Horror, Indie, Q&A, First Feature
  • 1h 34m

This film will be live from Sat the 17th at 7PM

Limited tickets will remain available to rent until Monday 19th or until the screening sells out.


The remote town of Ferbane struggles to react when no one seems able to communicate with Dublin City anymore, and videos that have surfaced online suggest that the capital has succumb to an undead threat, and danger may be on its way!

Having been a product of a generation that is used to having all manner of creature comforts and black mirror, one-touch solutions, Robbie Whelan is loathed to get involved in the debate. His sister, Liv, is an unsuccessful internet celebrity-wannabe, and their cousins, Jay and Chi, are stoner layabouts living off the government’s teat.

The Millennial curse of apathy and entitlement leaves the town wide open to invasion. Will self-seeking Robbie step out of his comfort zone when one of the distressed officers trying to get to the bottom of it all turns out to be his estranged wife?

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Sponsored by Cinema Killarney.

Cinema Killarney


Stephen C. Walsh


Steven McKenna

Production Designer

Margot Cullen

Sound Designer

Robin Sherry Wood



Bonus Content

Follow the Dead - Cast & Crew Q&A

Join us for a Q&A with Director, Adam William Cahill and LUKE CORCORAN, TADHG DEVERY & CRISTINA RYAN.

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