Crossing the Line

  • Drama, First Feature, Culture, Dublin Feminist Film Festival
  • 1h 49m

Dublin Feminist Film Festival presents the Feature Film Crossing the Line & Short Film’s My Shell and About my Mother.

This selection will be live from Sun the 18th at 5PM.

Limited tickets will remain available to rent for the following 36hrs.


Described as Winter’s Bone meets Frozen River, Crossing The Line is a gritty thriller following two young women forced into a life of crime in order to save their family. Tessa Thompson and Lily James portray the plight two sisters faced with anger, betrayal and violence at every turn as they risk everything on a drug smuggling mission to keep a roof over their heads.

From the team behind Oscar winning films LaLa Land and Call Me By Your Name, Crossing The Line is a tense and brutally fresh look at all of Americas ill’s.


All Dublin Feminist Film Festival titles are only available to rent for 36hrs from screening time and date. After these 36hrs are up, the films will not be on sale again.

Dublin Feminist Film Festival


Nia DaCosta


Rachael Fung


Tim Headington


Gabrielle Nadig


Nia DaCosta


Matt Mitchell



Bonus Content

My Shell

My Shell by Auveen Lush tells the story of a new mum to be and an egg work through all her fears before her due date. CLAIRE (40’s) beautiful, independent woman, lives happily on her own and is delighted with her life and career until the morning she opens the fridge door to find a friendly EGG staring up at her.

About my Mother

This is the offbeat short directed by Yumi Otsuka, tells the story of a woman named Yumiko, a serious, yet apprehensive and honest single mother of a son and daughter, both in their twenties. After observing the mother meticulously sew up a hole in her son’s sock, the daughter urges her to “live a little.”

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