Short Films: We are Family

  • 12 films

This selection of films will be live from Friday the 16th at 11AM

Limited tickets will remain available to rent until Monday 19th or until the screening sells out.

This selection of short films shows that sometimes we are born into a family, sometimes we marry into one, but sometimes our closest family is the people we choose to love, the people who support us when we need them, a unit forged by understanding and honesty; Our own tribes, our own support systems.

Content included in this bundle

Sister This (2019)
  • Drama, Coming Of Age
  • 9min
PADDY (2020)
  • Drama, Music
  • 13min
Imprints (2020)
  • Documentary
  • 8min
Leopard (2020)
  • Drama, Coming of Age
  • 17min
Jarvik (2019)
  • Drama
  • 19min
No Crying At The Dinner Table (2019)
  • Documentary, Student Film
  • 16min
When Mom Is Gone (2020)
  • Documentary, Long Short
  • 28min
A Christmas Drop (2020)
  • Drama, Comedy
  • 14min
Getting in (2020)
  • Drama
  • 9min
The West Kerry Cowboy (2020)
  • Drama, Comedy
  • 18min
A R E T H A (2019)
  • Drama, Coming of Age
  • 12min
Kosher (2020)
  • Drama, Directing Debut
  • 12min