Irish Short Films: Watchable World Wide

  • 8 films

This selection of films will be live from Thursday the 15th at 1PM

Limited tickets will remain available to rent until Monday 19th or until the screening sells out.


As many festivals have had to take a year off and international Irish cultural institutions have had to close their doors or downsize during the pandemic, Irish short films have not had the chance to travel as in previous years. Irish filmmakers and loyal international Irish film lovers scattered across the goal have been missing out.

So this programme of short films is specially tailored for our KIFF partner festivals and is open to international audiences world wide.*

We might not be free to travel but that doesn’t mean our films and culture can’t!

*Short films are available in Ireland, the UK, United States, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Germany & Iceland.

All films are in English or Irish, with English Subtitles

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Content included in this bundle

  • Documentary, Long Short
  • 28min
Imprints (2020)
  • Documentary
  • 8min
The House Fell (2019)
  • Drama, Directing Debut
  • 11min
Allone (2020)
  • Drama, History
  • 14min
The Yellow Dress (2020)
  • Drama, Directing Debut
  • 15min
Mother (2020)
  • Documentary, Directing Debut
  • 7min
The Voyage (2020)
  • Animation, Music
  • 3min
THIS LAND (2020)
  • Documentary, Culture
  • 21min